Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little more color

Grace kept telling me over the weekend that today was purple day.  Good thing I believed her.  Her teacher showed up with a bright purple shirt on, so I was happy that Grace wore her pretty purple skirt.  Sadly, it was hot today so the cute long sleeve Bow Shirt and matching tights weren't an option.  Grace was bummed that I didn't have a purple shirt for her.  Apparently it wasn't enough to just have a purple skirt.

Do you like Grace's fancy hair style?  Do you need a french braid tutorial yet?

But, I think my favorite color this week is going to be black.  When I made Grace's birthday Circle Skirt, I also made this Circle Skirt.

Have you made on of Dana's Circle Skirts?  If not, you totally should, so your little girl can twirl and twirl and twirl.  This skirt is really good for that.

I also added some simple white fabric flowers to a black shirt to go with the skirt.  

These precious fabric flowers are from my Korean supply stash.  I've been hoarding them for over a year.  It was about time they made it on to something.

That's all for tonight.  I have one more project to show, but I'm not happy with the pictures I took of it.  I'll be sure to retake the pictures soon.  


Doug said...

I am loving the color week outfits. So many great poses by Grace. Your Korean flowers look so cute on that black shirt. Coo circle skirt fabric

Doug said...

This is Sarah and I meant "Cool" circle skirt fabric. :)

Annee said...

I love that you finally used your flowers. I still haven't. I can't tell you how many times I've held them up to something trying to decide if the project was worthy of my Korean flowers! I'm glad you went for it. Her entire outfit was perfect.

Sanchez Family said...

once again you have me inspired by your circle skirt. Man....if only I had time in my day (not going to stay up until the wee hours like you :)

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