Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I texted Annee a week or so ago, and I told her that I felt my fabric stash was holding me back from sewing something.  I love having so much fabric because when I want to make something I can just go to my sewing and pick up fabric and GO.  However, I've been feeling bored with what I have on hand, so I haven't felt very inspired lately.

After I texted Annee that I was stifled by my fabric, I saw a friend at church with a darling car seat cover made out of Sarah Jane fabric.  Have you seen her Children at Play fabric?!  Oh my.  You'll need some.  Last week I ordered 5 half yards on line with the intention of making more Quick Change Trousers for Henry.

My little chubby one is growing out of the QCT I made him while he was swimming inside me.

When my fabric arrived in the mail, I wasn't sure if I was going to try to finish a jumper that I've had cut out for way too many days without being sewn or just dive right into my new material.  Annee encouraged me to just dive right into the new fabric and ride the inspiration instead of putting it off.

So glad I listened!  Last night I busted out 2 new pairs of trousers for Henry.  To say they are cute just doesn't do them justice.  Their just precious.  I love them.  Love them!!

Too bad Henry's nap today didn't work out with my photo shoot.  I promise I'll snap some pictures of him in these soon.

For more technical details, for those of you wanting to make these, I was able to make 2 complete pairs of Quick Change Trousers in 3 hours.  That means tracing the pattern, cutting the pattern out, cutting the fabric, and sewing the pants.  I'd safely say you can make a pair of these in an hour and a half.  Now your first time, it will take you a little longer because it's your first time, but not much.  Also, as for sizing, Henry is just growing out of his 3 month trousers I made him, but in store bought clothing he wears 3 to 6 month clothing.  Three month clothing is way too tight on him, but the Quick Change Trousers still fit, but I give it a week or two, and they won't.  He's a big little baby, but this pattern sizing is generous.

Now I'm off to bed.  Hopefully I'll get pictures of my little guy in these soon.  I kind of want to make some onesies for him to go with his new pants, so it might be a couple days.  Stay tuned!!


Karin said...

ADORABLE! I've always loved these pants and Children at Play is PERFECT for the project!!!
Annee, you may already know but Sarah Jane is a fellow-Washington DC North Staker. LOVE her!

Cherie said...

So cute! I love the pictures of this line from Quilt Market, but I've yet to see them in person. They make perfect quick change pants!

Jana said...

Henry is getting so big. Love his outfits.

Summer said...

LOVE these! Perfect fabric.

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