Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spread your wings.

So here it is:

The Patchwork Shift.  

Hand embroidered with the hope of my mother heart.

With a super simple placket (TUTORIAL HERE) down the back.

A touch of green floss to keep it spicy.

All to wrap her up in, a little on the "room to grow" size of things.  Hoping she feels my love for her all the school day long.

I love watching them learn to Spread Their Wings.

A few links and details...
  • Inspiration first struck when I saw this adorable patchwork tunic over at "Me Sew Crazy".  Unfortunately, when I followed the tutorial on a scrap piece of fabric, I just didn't like the end result (someday I'll show you the shirt that I think ended up looking like a medical scrubs shirt).  So it was back to the drawing board to figure out what I'd make with my yard of handmade patchwork fabric. 
  • I remembered this sweet a-line shift that Katy of No Big Dill made for her daughter's second birthday.  I decided that with so much going on with my fabric, the dress design better be pretty streamline.  Lucky for me Katy was gracious enough to email me back with some tips and pointers along the way.  Thank you Katy!  


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely adorable and so is your daughter. What a blessing for her! Very, very nice.

Liz said...

So darling! Love the patchwork!! I love the colors and fabrics that you put together. Your placket is amazing. Sew impressed.

Did you have a pattern for the A-line dress at all or just the wise advice of Katy? It looks perfect!!

Annee said...

Liz, I roughly used the pattern piece from the jump rope dress from Oliver & S. But it wasn't as a-lined as I wanted, so I did have to add a bit of width to make the angle wider. Hope that helps.

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