Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Christmas Quandary

I know it's not even October yet, and I haven't figured out if I'm going to sew Halloween costumes or not, but all I can think about is Christmas.  Probably because I know from experience, if you are going to make things for Christmas now is really the time you should be making them.  If you wait until December, there will be way too many things on your holiday To Do List to even thinking about sewing up some holiday decor for yourself.  Sew this year I'm getting ahead of the curve.  Ha!

While on Pinterest, I stumbled across this cute scrappy Christmas tree:

                                                               Source: via Liz on Pinterest

I knew it would be easy to make, so when I made my Library Skirt for Grace I pulled out several green fabrics from my scrap bin.  Last week I had a small sewing soiree here, and within a couple of hours we all had cute scrappy Christmas trees.

Cute, huh?  Here's my quandary.  I was thinking I'd quilt this and complete it as a wall hanging like my scrappy spool wall hanging, but how do I quilt it?  Do I use straight lines, a design, quilt only around the tree, do straight lines around the tree and a design inside the tree, and on and on and on??? 

Sew, if you had a scrappy Christmas tree, and I hope you do sew yourself one, how would you quilt it?

I'll be mulling over that this weekend as I try to finish some other projects that I've started, but have lost my steam and desire to finish them.  I hate when that happens.  I don't want to start anything until they are finished.  Sew frustrating!

Oh well.  And my favorite part of the scrappy Christmas Tree...

The yellow Anna Maria Horner star, of course.  I had to throw in a little Anna.

Here's to a great weekend and hopes of sewing a little!


cheeriBABY said...

Love this! Its darling!

Anonymous said...

love this christmas inspiration. never to early!

Annee said...

I think deciding how to quilt something is almost the hardest part! You can't lay it out to see if you'll like it...Are you going to do a layer of batting? Or are you just top stitching it?

What about some sort of hand stitching? Outlining the whole thing with a simple running stitch?

But I also like the idea of random straight line machine quilting as well.

Can't wait to see what you decide :)

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