Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabric Beach Ball

I finished my last skirt that I've had in the works for only about a month now.  It was fast and easy and is darling if I do say so myself.  It got Grace's approval which makes me totally happy.  I haven't figured out what shirt she'll be wearing with it, so I'll work on that this weekend.  I worked on cutting out an Apron Wrap Dress last night because after seeing the cute ones that Annee made I just knew Grace needed one too.  Sew, I should have some fun things to post next week.

But, last night as I was trying to pass time and pacify my infant and two toddlers, I found the Fabric Beach Ball that I made for George when I think he was one.  Henry went crazy with it, and Grace and George had fun teasing him with it as well.

I decided to put it out for him again this morning.  He just loves it.

I took Annee's advice years (George is almost 4, so it really has been years) ago, and I stuffed a jingle bell into the middle as I was stuffing the ball.  I'd highly recommend doing the same if you make one.

And honestly, if you know a little one, then I do recommend making one of these.  They'll love it.  I promise.  It uses a small amount of fabric.  A scrap buster project really.  Oh, and if you don't have stuffing on hand, you could always *steal* some from a pillow.  For some reason I usually buy a pillow for my mom when she comes to town.  I buy the $5 ones from Target, but they are too fluffy for her.  So, I seam rip a hole at one end, take a bunch of stuffing out, and then sew the side back together.  Maybe you could find a pillow in your house that has a little too much fluff in it and borrow some stuffing.  Just a hot tip for you.

Happy sewing and have a good weekend!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for posting this!! I made one for a friend this weekend, because of your little reminder!

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