Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to the world 2012.

We are alive!  I promise.  But life is so big, it's hard to be contained at times.  Christmas came and went in a month long blur. I kept my sewing to a minimum this Christmas because I had two very special things I really wanted to make, and feared they would be time consuming.  And they were.  Besides the two big projects, I allowed a few little projects to slip in here and there.  I'll try to show-and-tell a few throughout the next week.  

I have yet to find my way to the sewing machine in 2012.

I think I'm still recovering just a bit from 2011.  

Without further ado, a quilt.

The Front:

The Back:

Some close-ups:

The binding!:

My original quilt inspiration came from Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew.  She made one a while back and called it "The January Quilt".  I've had my heart set on making one ever since I saw hers!  It only took me two years :)  

I titled mine:
The Happy-Birthday, Merry-Christmas, Happy-Birthday quilt.  That's how many presents it's supposed to count for.  

It was for my sister.  I love her a lot.  She's super talented and crafty.  She's made me some of my most favorite Christmas things. I really wanted to make her something equally special in return.  Hopefully it's something she'll have out and be reminded of her sister a million miles away who loves her.  Can a quilt say all of that?  I think it can.  

I was scared about the binding.  In fact, I second guessed myself so much about that.  Funny how when I look at the pictures now, it's almost my favorite part. 

While making it over the course of a month, I was listening to "The Persian Pickle Club" from  It's a story revolving around a quilt bee during the Great Depression.  It was sweet to be listening to that book while working on this quilt.  They went together well.  If you like to quilt, you should think about reading it. If you like to listen to books while quilting, then we should consider becoming good friends. 

Welcome to the world 2012.  

I think you could be 


Katie said...

Fun quilt, I"ve got a thing for half square triangles, and I love me some dotty bindings!

Liz said...

I totally love this quilt, and I'm positive Sarah will love it too.

Thank you for the book suggestion. I'll go ahead and add it to my wishlist!

2012 is GOING to be great!! :)

sarah said...

Oh my gosh I can't even tell you how much I love this quilt. It is th sweetest most thoughtful gift I've ever received (besides all the other super cute and thoughtful things you've given me of course) and I feel completely undeserving. It sits on the back of my family room couch in the most visible place in the house. Thank you so so much. I love you.

Annee said...

Of course you are welcome. Remember all the Christmas stockings you have knit AND re-knit for my family! It was the least that I could do. I've been feeling indebted for years!!

Rachel's Roost said...

That is one lucky sister! And thanks for the book review!

Rachel said...

This is a beautiful quilt!

Sarah said...

I love all the colors on your quilt. So beautiful!

KevandChels said...

i like to quilt in theory, it just never gets done. does that count?:) beautiful job on the quilt! i love the red polkas!

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