Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Ruffle Skirt

I'm done!  Presenting the third skirt that I've had planned for over a month now.  

I used ruffle fabric.  Have you seen it??  I feel like I've seen the ruffle fabric all over the place, but I haven't seen so much of it at the fabric stores.  Well, the only local fabric store that I frequent. (JoAnn's)

But, while I was on vacation at my house in the South and Annee and I had ventured to Hobby Lobby to look around.  We don't have a Hobby Lobby in my area, and if you do, then I'm a little bit jealous.  They don't necessarily have the greatest fabric, but there have more craft supplies then I could wrap my brain around in the 30 minutes that I spent there a month ago.  Anyway, as we were looking around in the fabric area I stumbled across some ruffle fabric.  Now it's pretty pricey at about $10/yd (or was it $12??), but for a little girl's skirt I only needed to buy a 1/2 yard.  I, of course, couldn't pass it up, since I haven't seen it in person.

Then re-entry happened. (Re-entry is that time in your life when you have to readjust to life after a vacation.  It can be likened to astronauts returning from outer space.  It feels that crazy sometimes.)   So, the ruffle fabric has been sitting in my stash for a month.  Finally when George was at school last Thursday and Henry was asleep, I went for it.

I used this tutorial as a rough guide.  I pretty much knew what I needed to do, but it's always nice to have someone tell you what to do especially if they have any hot tips that will save you time in the end.

The hot tip I will give is to check to see how stretch your elastic waistband is before you attach the skirt to it.  My waistband didn't have much give, so instead of adding 10 inches to Grace's waist measurement like Vanessa suggests I should have added 6 to 8 inches. I ended up having to cut off the excess fabric to finish my skirt.

I'm pleased with this skirt, and I think it looks like I spent a lot of time on it mainly because the fabric, but this skirt came together in about a 45 minutes.  My kind of skirt.

Now I'm done with my three skirts...

That took me long enough!

Hopefully the Oliver & S dress is next.  However, Annee's excitement and review of the Apron Wrap Dress had me busy this weekend.  I had to make one, and I have fabric selected for another, so I might need to make another Apron Wrap Dress before the Oliver & S one.  I'm totally procrastinating.

Off to bed!

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LikeAWolf said...

Your daughter is pretty adorable! :)

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