Thursday, February 2, 2012

Growing like the weeds.

In December it was observed that we lacked Sunday attire.  I bought a couple of Olive&S patterns and fabric.  But nothing happened after that.  Except for Christmas.

It's been a while so I don't exactly remember when these frocks were completed, but nevertheless, we added two new numbers to the Sunday line up.  It feels like drops in a bucket when you have a pair of twins who are growing like weeds...

This is the Family Reunion Dress Pattern View B

Using an Anna Maria Horner Voile:

It's soft like silk, which is important for this sister.  But it's also very sheer, so were it not in the dark colors, it would be objectionably see through.

That pattern, like all Oliver&S numbers, is sure to give you a finished product that you will love and be proud of.  But for some reason, it was not fast.  It hung in the sewing garage partially finished for weeks!  It might have had something to do with the final step of sewing all those buttonholes, and buttons.  Though my machine will do it all for me, I was dragging my feet all the same.

Though I hope to make more Family Reunion Dresses, I have a hard time sewing two of the exact same anything.  I am finicky like that.  I found two yards of another Anna Maria fabric at my local quilt shop, on sale.  I bought it without an exact plan.  When I got home to the sewing garage, I remembered the dress shortage.  I also remembered how much I love the Marissa Dress from a while back.  I vowed I would sew more of that pattern too, though I hadn't.  I think that pattern, and this fabric went together like tart frozen yogurt and fresh strawberries, yum!

Unlike the Family Reunion pattern, this one sews together in a day.  That's right friends!  And it's not because I'm supre speedy.  It's delightfully straightforward in it's construction.  I remembered anew how very much I like this pattern, and the fit.  I added a bit of length, because Heaven help me, they keep growing!  

Liz surely raised the bar with her blue walled background location!  I have not seen any blue walls in my area.  Hers was spectacular!  All the same, though my photos may be uninspiring, I hope that the fabrics and patterns might spark something in you too...

Though to be honest, I do not hope you have a pair of twins growing like weeds.  It's exhausting I tell you!  And there will never be enough fabric!  

1 comment:

Liz said...

'Tart frozen yogurt and fresh strawberries' love the perfect description of the dress. (I also had tart fro yo and berries today. Yum indeed!)

No need for a blue wall. Gorgeous girls, fabric, and dresses!!

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