Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For the love of sleep.

I think about sleep a lot.  This is most likely because I don't sleep as much as I should, and even when I decide to go to bed early (everyone's definition of early is differently and mine is anything before 11 p.m.), baby Hank will inevitably wake me up shortly after I fall asleep.

Sew, for Valentine's Day I decided to make my two big Gs pajamas, and then I threw myself in the mix and decided I needed some new pajama pants.

I *heart attacked* my big little ones, and they were so excited on Valentine's Day to wake up with hearts, chocolates, and new jammies.

George would not stop being goofy.

Grace's tank top straps were a bit long, but I didn't realize this until she tried it on.

I shortened them, and I'm much happier with the fit now.

My pants didn't actually get finished until Valentine's Day night.  Totally romantic.  Actually the Italian had to be out of town for the night, so sewing was my Valentine's Day present.

My pajama pants pattern comes from Amy Butler's In Stitches book.  Great pattern and very comfy.  It does require quite a bit of fabric because the legs are so wide, but that's what I think makes them so comfortable.

"Grace, please make sure you are getting my pajama pants!!"

I do not have the best pictures of me in my pajama pants.  Grace was my photog, and it was getting dark outside as we were trying to get pictures taken.

Then I tried having Grace take my pictures inside.  Still not working so well.

So I resorted to taking my own pictures in a mirror.

Just keeping things real over here.  I'm in my new pajama pants and my eyes have felt heavy since I woke up this morning.  Henry just woke up, and I'm crossing my fingers that he'll sleep for at least 3 or 4 hours before he needs me again.

Signing off from West Coast MOM!!


Annee said...

That was a lot of sewing!! I hope you got some sleep. I felt tired just reading about all those interupted nights of sleep!!

Your pants turned out cute. I really love that pattern. What pattern do you us for the kids pants? And do you like it?

Liz said...

Let's just not talk about sleep. :)

I used Simplicity 2831 for Grace's pants. I think I might have sent you this pattern. I omitted the ruffle cuff and just added a contrasting band. This pattern was okay. I think the legs are very wide, but not in the most flattering way.

For George's pants I used "it's so easy" Simplicity 2742. I've had this pattern for years. Sadly I first used it back in the day when I did not know about freezer paper, so the only size pattern I have is 3T. I like the pant shape of this pattern the best. Maybe next time JoAnn's has a sale I'll buy a new copy.

Sanchez Family said...

I'm currently working on perfecting my pj pants. I can only make them for kids, since pj pants for me would take 4xs the amount of fabric that you used!

Maybe I can come over soon so you can help me sew those cute patters onto shirts. You mentioned that special machine you use. I'd love to's just what my pj pants need!!

Happy long weekend!

Liz said...

Maggie! I'm going to have a sewing circle party again soon, and I can show you all my tips and tricks for appliqué shirts. It's totally easy and your girls will love wearing shirts made by their mama.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love the idea of giving pjs for Valentines - and you get the best shots from kids, don't you?

Liz said...

I totally agree, Laurel. Definitely not getting the artiest photos from my kids, but I always get a laugh from seeing what they take pictures of.

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