Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thinking in twos.

For Christmas (please forgive me for bringing up Christmas on almost March 1st), two little girls had their Christmas wishes come true when Santa left a pair of American Girl dolls.  Santa apparently also felt like the dolls would benefit from a place to rest their heads at the end of long days of wardrobe changes.  It looks as though he set his special sewing elves to work on miniature beds, and miniature doll quits.  

When my ladies opened up these special beds, they told me it looked like something I could make!  I assured them it was not me, but that I had no doubt Santa has elves who know how to sew!  

But in case you have dolls who are missing a place to rest, these cute beds can be found at Ikea.  They come unpainted and rather sadly adorned.  With a bit of creativity, or by sending them up to the North Pole, they can be turned into something rather special.  

If I do say so myself. 

The thing is, this will not be the last time Santa has to think in "twos" when delivering gifts to our house at Christmas time.  We just learned last week, that I am expecting, my SECOND set of TWINS.  By September, our family of six, will grow to a family of eight.  And Santa will continue to deliver sets of toys for sets of siblings!

In case you have wondered in my absence if my zig-zag quilt ever got finished.  I can assure it it has.  I outlined each zig-zag seam with white thread, on both sides of the seam.  The affect is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  To keep with the modern and simple design, I bound it in a solid Kona black, almost to look like it's in a frame.  Someday when I am energized, I will get a picture of the back.  Two yards of flannel with some bits pieced here and there completed the look.

When I am not wrapped up inside of it, falling asleep on my couch, this quilt adorns the couch brightening our winter days.  

But darn it's exhausting making two babies again!  I hope my energy will return mid-March when I enter the glorified second trimester.  Until then, I fall asleep everywhere.  No sewing to speak of.  


Brenda said...

great twin beds, great twin dolls, great twin news! congratulations!

Liz said...

Darling doll beds and matching quilts and pillows. Maybe Santa will bring one to Grace this year.

Great job making babies! You're energy will come back. Enjoy the extra sleep/rest while you can. :)

Sanchez Family said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about both of you girls' lives!!!! WOW!! An inspiration for sure!! Hope you are feeling well soon enough!

PS I went to a real sewing class and learned button holes and zippers!!!! I'm on my way. I just need to ditch this job! lol!!!

Wendy said...

Wow, congratulations!! what fantastic news! At least it's not triplets...

I bought one of the IKEA beds for my goddaughter at Christmas and made a little quilt, pillow, pillow case and sheet to go with it, she loves it!

Melissa said...

I am so in love with your winter quilt...I want to see the binding up close!

Melissa said...

I am so in love with your winter quilt...I want to see the binding up close!

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