Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apron Wrap Dresses

Do you remember the darling Apron Wrap Dresses that Annee's girls fashioned on MoM a couple weeks ago?  I was smitten as soon as I saw them, and when I heard how easy they were to sew up, my curiosity got the best of me.  Grace needed some.  When you find a pattern that is A) easy to sew, B) comfy to wear, and C) is totally cute, you get on it!  You make it.  I made one, and then had to make another.

Sew, if Annee didn't convince you to make an Apron Wrap Dress, here's my attempt at it.  I love that the author of the pattern, Anneliese, says that her mom use to wear a dress similar to the Apron Wrap Dress in lieu of jeans.

I could totally get into wearing something comfy like this.  The Italian might think I'm a little crazy, but that's nothing new.

This Apron Wrap Dress is made with Sandi Henderson's Vintage Dot fabric, an all time favorite of mine. A long time ago, when Grace was probably 2 or maybe 3, I made her a Sweet Little Dress out of this fabric and I appliquéd it with a strawberry.

I miss that little dress, and at times I miss how little Grace was, so I decided that I was going to recreate this little dress.  The strawberry might be a bit young for Grace, but I doubled checked before I added the strawberry and she approved of the design.

On the back of the Vintage Dot I used this fabric.

On both of my Apron Wrap Dresses I did double buttons, so each dress is completely reversible.

My hot tip for sewing the buttons on if you chose to do double buttons like I did, is to sew the buttons loosely together.  The can't be pulled too tight or you won't be able to get them through the buttonholes.  I learned this the hard way and had to resew the buttons onto the straps on the first dress.

Having four new looks really adds some wardrobe options.  Grace is starting to get more and more opinionated in what she'll wear, so having lots of options has become very important in my life.

I'm not sure what up next for my sewing room.  I made a *celebrate* banner this weekend, but didn't get any pictures.  I also cut out pajama pants for myself, but haven't finished, and I'm starting to think it would be fun to have new pajama pants made for my big kids for Valentine's Day.  Pajama pants are easy to make, but I'm not sure if I have the energy to whip them out tonight, so that puts a lot of pressure on tomorrow night.

I'm off to make a plan (or to watch an episode of Parenthood or to listen to my book).  


Annee said...

It's a great pattern. Have we said that enough?!

Love all of your fabric combos. Looks like Grace did too!

Sarah said...

Sweet dresses! I can see you wearing one too! I loved that book you're listening to. Enjoy!
Annee, your quilt top is awesome. I love the bold colors.. Not sure if I remembered to comment. Maybe I did...this is sounding familiar. :)

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