Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Curtains

Around the first of August I made what I consider to be one of the biggest sacrifices I could make in my tiny bungalow.  I moved my sewing machines and table out of it's corner, and replaced it with baby Hank's crib.  It was a necessary change, so I didn't have to yell every single night at my children for not sleeping or for waking the baby.  I really thought they would all just get used to going to bed in the same room, but it didn't happen, and I sleep trained Henry while I was at my House in the South.  Going back to waking up in the middle of the night was not an option.

Sew, the only other place to put my sewing stuff was next to my bed.  Well, the Italian suggested it could have gone in the dining room/walkway to the kitchen/kid play space.  The final product of sewing is usually very eye appealing, but the mess that is made in the creative process is enough to drive my OCD tendencies crazy.  I knew I couldn't look at my sewing mess all day long.  Sew, my options were set up shop in my room or shut down MoM West Coast.  I'm not done sewing, so I bought a narrow table, and I'm still in business.  Granted I cried the first night I had all my stuff so close by.  It was all so messy and unorganized and frustrating.  Then I told myself to stop feeling sorry for myself and just start sewing.  Lots of people don't have a dedicated space to sew or create in, so I'm lucky that I still have one.  

And I don't think it looks all bad.  I mean it's not ideal, but it works.

Sew, what to make first?!  I've been longing to have new curtains in my room for probably a year.  Maybe more.  I pinned this beautiful image a while ago, and set off searching for the perfect fabric.

Source: via Liz on Pinterest

I wanted some of Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room fabric which I think is the only home decor fabric she's made.  Home decor fabric is wide (56 inches).  The curtains I made were for my sliding glass door, so I needed two wide panels, and if I wanted to make the wide block stripes like Anna Maria's, then I needed wide fabric.  I could have pieced fabric together, but I didn't want to see so many seams.

This is all of the Drawing Room collection at Michael Levine's.  All $6/yd!

Two weeks ago I we went to visit my in-laws in Southern California.  I negotiated with the Italian for a kid-free day in the Fashion District of LA.  My first stop was Michael Levine's.  I believe it was an inspired visit.  Not only did Michael Levine have several prints from AMH Drawing Room line, but they were all on sale.  Not only were they discounted 50%, but it was a special tax free day too.  In CA that means almost another 10% off.  I paid $6/yd for this gorgeous fabric!!!!!  That's a screaming good deal.

Bringing home new fabric got my creative juices flowing and within a week of being home, I had new curtains.  They are beautiful if I do say so myself.

Do you see the 8X10 framed picture of me??  That's the Italian's doing.

I do think it makes me want a new duvet cover and new pillowcases.  I'm sure I'll come up with some solution.

My mom thinks the pink striped side of my duvet cover looks better.  I think both sides are okay.  Maybe the best options is to replace it all together. Ha!

One sewing project down, and hopefully many more to come.  I bought more fabric while I was at Michael Levine's, so I'm sure I'll more to share soon.

Oh, and I just ordered fabric for baby gifts for Annee's new babies that could arrive any minute.  Happy thoughts of a quick, speedy and painless as possible labor to Sew Sister Annee!!

Til' I sew again!


Annee said...

The curtains are so lovely. You executed them perfectly!! I am so excited that one of us is still sewing, and ordering fabric, etc. I'll admit I'm pretty excited to see what arrives in the mail from Maple Ave!

Sarah said...

Those turned out great. Oh to see all those fabrics on sale. I just ordered some of that line. What a great deal. Your new sewing space is cute. I was so worried your sewing adventures would be ending. And good luck to you Annee! We are sending you relaxation vibes from the South.

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