Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Crazy Train

To those of you who thought we were neglecting our blog, shame on you!  Actually I'm sure no one was thinking that.  But, I'm checking in today to let you know that real life sewing is taking place like mad at both MOM East Coast and West.  Sew Sister, Annee, and I have been hard at work slaving away on quilts.  I love when we are working on similar projects.  It makes me work that much harder.  This blog was originally started for Annee and me to showcase our work from Korea to CA and back again letting each other know what we were up to in our sewing rooms.  When our worlds collide from far away and we are working on the same thing, it makes me feel like our sewing rooms aren't so far away.  I love how the internet, and our blog, make our distance not feel so great.

Back to what we've been working on...I'm in my final stages of two twin size quilts.  Let me repeat this.  I'M ALMOST DONE WITH MY EASTER QUILTS!  I feel like all caps is very appropriate for this announcement.  Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break, so we had nowhere we had to be.  I moved my sewing machine into the kitchen, turned on the soundtrack to Annie, and let my kids do arts and crafts and play while I stippled like a mad lady.

While George was eating his snack he told me, "Thank you, Mama, for making my quilt."  Totally worth all the work just for that sweet comment!

One of my quilts was stippled during the day yesterday, and then I started stippling the second quilt around 9 last night.  I got through the entire quilt except for one square.  One square!!!  Sadly, I ran out of white thread.  I went through 3 spools of white thread making these quilts, and unfortunately I needed just one more to finish up the stippling.  JoAnn's was our first stop of the day today, and now both quilts are completely stippled.

Now all I have left is the binding.  Shouldn't be too hard.  I'm feeling a little burnt out though, so we'll see if the binding gets put on tonight or not.  I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Over at MOM East Coast, Annee set out to make the Stacking the Odds Quilt.  A very appropriate name for the deadline Annee put on herself to finish this quilt.  Annee has the quilt top almost completely sewn, but unfortunately she didn't make her deadline.  She may think that is tragic, but upon hearing that this quilt required tracing the pieces a hundred times and then cutting them out, I'd say there is no reason to feel sad that this quilt didn't get made in time.  Annee should be very pleased with herself and how far she got!!

So, it looks like Annee and I are both current passengers on the crazy train.  I have a crazy idea of making myself a maternity Easter dress.  Now that there is light at the end of my crazy quilting tunnel, this just might not be the craziest thing I've ever done, but then again it's Tuesday and the quilts are NOT finished yet.

Another progress report coming soon!! 


Cher said...

OKay, so I have stippled (sp?) before and IT IS SO HARD!!! Maybe you've had a lot of practice and maybe not but either way I am totally impressed, you are gooooood, girl:)

Diana said...

You are crazy. CRAZY.

Anonymous said...

Envy your FMQ....I keep trying but just can't seem to get it. Your son is adorable and precious. Makes all the hard work worth it!!

Annee said...

I agree it feels especially connective of us to both be working on quilts at the same time. I can hardly wait to get home to finish mine. I got so darn close!! But I am not so excited for the machine quilting part. Your stippling is getting so good! I just ran past our first off-campus apartment yesterday. I may need to go back and take a commemorative pictures. That's where it all began. Miss you.

Liz said...

Annee, I wish I were in Provo with you. Such good memories. Please have a grasshopper shake for me.

You will be a pro at quilting by the time you are done with you queen size quilt. I can't wait to see it!!

Miss you too.

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