Thursday, April 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday...on Thursday

I know the title is a wee bit confusing.  But you see, these pictures are really from my WIP that I worked on intermittently throughout my day today (Wednesday).  However, I do have wife and mama duties, and I needed to go to a movie with a friend, so you are not seeing my WIP Wednesday until Thursday.  Does that help clear up the confusion??

Last year around this time we took a trip to my in-laws while our hardwood floors got refinished.  My MIL has a sewing machine and has said I'm welcome to sew while I'm at her house, so the night before we left for her house last April I think I slept like 4 hours.  What was I up late doing? Cutting squares for quilts.  I got the crazy idea to make quilts for both Grace and George.  They turned out pretty cute, but sadly they were for toddler beds, and just a few months after I made these quilts we upgraded my little Gs to a twin bunk bed.

My little Gs being so helpful laying out the squares for their Easter Quilts.

Here it is April one year later, and I again got the crazy idea that I need to make my Gs quilts.  I'm definitely earning my ticket to the crazy train with this project because my goal is to have them done by Easter. That means 2 twin size quilts sewn, quilted, and bound in a week and a half.

So, WIP Wednesday will bleed into every day of the week until this labor of love is complete!!  Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

We all ride the crazy train from time to time...pushing ourselves with deadlines. LOL!!

Annee said...

You are the captain of the Crazy Train from now until Easter! Don't forget to sew Grace her Easter dress in the middle of it all. I'm just kidding!!!!!

They are going to turn out amazing. You're going to be so excited you achieved such a huge goal. I say it's the pregnancy equivalent to running a marathon.

Good luck. You're going to need it :)

Sarah M. said...

Crazy train is right!! But you can so do this!! Good Luck. They are going to be awesome. I love those fabrics. BTW Your empire cinch looks so great with that dress!

Liz said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone on the crazy train!! Thanks for all the support!

I'm happy to report that I now have 2 quilt tops FINISHED!!! I would say I'm halfway done, but I now have to figure out what in the world I'm doing on the back. I'll keep you all posted.

Cheers to all the crazy train riders!

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