Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early Empire Cinch

My maternity wardrobe is a little bit of a disaster.  After I had George I gave away all of my maternity clothes along with all of our baby clothes.  And, for some reason I think maternity clothes aren't as cute as they were 3 years ago.  Maybe I haven't look hard enough, or maybe I'm kind of thinking what's the point because I only have 9 more weeks to go (that single digit number is a little frightening to me today!).  Luckily I have a very kind neighbor, Angel Amy, who has given me several items to bolster up my tiny collection, but pickings are still a little slim in my closet.

I've had 2 projects from the Anna Maria Horner Handmade Beginnings that I've been meaning to make for a couple of weeks.  The Early Empire Cinch was one of them.  I love when I can check something off my list, and last week I got to check this little number off my growing sewing to do sheet.  Check.

Now after wearing this cinch today I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  Last week I could not have said such nice things about it.  I had to use my seam ripper a couple times on it, and that always makes me feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and then I start to think the whole project is a waste.  Even if I finish the project, my sewing ego is a little beat up if I had to fix lots of my own mistakes.

These pictures were taken after I wore my new cinch for 4 hours.  Probably should have ironed it before taking the photos, but I was just trying to keep it real around here. 

But, after wearing my new cinch today I'm so happy with it.  I think it's the perfect compliment to my boring gray maternity dress. It adds the necessary color that I need in my wardrobe and my life.  

My cinch is reversible which means I now have 2 different options in the maternity wardrobe.  Perfect.  I'm also thinking that maybe, just maybe, I'll want to wear this even after I've given  birth.  I'm crossnig my fingers that I'll still love it after I say good-bye to my belly and hello to my baby.

Time will tell if it's an item that will last after my pregnancy, but for now I'm just excited to have something new to wear.  Now if only I could work up the courage to take on the Mariposa dress from the AMH Handmade Beginnings!

Again, keeping it real with the ladder in the background. Sweet.


mandiegirl said...

It's beautiful! I absolutely LOVE this idea!!

Sarah McKellar said...

I'm wearing the same dress in pink as I type this. My arms don't look as good. :) I'll have to try that sinch!

Annee said...

It's beautiful Liz! I hope you get to keep wearing it for years to come. The fabrics are perfection!!

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