Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dresses

Without the Ladies:

With the Ladies:

The Details:

I ordered the Anna Maria Horner voile from  I love ordering fabric from them, when I know exactly what I'm looking for.  You cannot beat their prices.

I used the Cottage Home FREE pattern called "The Party Dress".  I used the size 5, but added 1/2" inch of width to the bodice pieces, both front and back, and added about an 1" of length (also to the bodice).

I was able to order 1 1/2 yards of the voile, and used all of it.  I purchased 3/4 of a yard (per dress) of the dupioni silk at JoAnn's using a blessed 50% off coupon.  That stuff is expensive, there is no way around that.  Did I really just make them their first "dry-clean only" dresses?!

I loved the free pattern.  I was glad I had some previous dress making experience to rely upon.  I did make a few changes to the construction of the dress, which I knew how to do having made so many other dresses.  Before allowing myself to cut into the expensive fabrics, I required a rough draft version first.  I am not usually a "rough draft" kind of a girl, but it was the least I could do to preserve my resources.  I am so glad I took the few extra hours to do so!!  Totally worth it.  By the time I was making my third and final dress, I didn't even have to look at the instructions.

The rough draft will still get to be worn.  What a lovely bonus.  

The ladies loved all of their new dresses.  And I loved that they were done will ahead of Easter this year.  No last minute sewing this time around (okay, except for the purple sash!  I can't lie, that sash was finished ten minutes before she put the dress on)!

Now, the remainder of my week will be spent on quilt completion.  I hope you're getting excited :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dresses and beautiful girls! is the best!!

Rachel said...

Very cute! I used the same pattern for my daughter's dress.

Liz said...

Job well done!! Jane and Ruby look beautiful (and so grown up) in their gorgeous Easter dresses. I'll certainly need to try this free pattern!

mandiegirl said...

super cute! I love the coordinating, but not matchy- fabrics! :)

Annee said...

Thanks girls! I was pretty happy with how the dresses turned out as well. Lots of that goes to the fabric I used. Can't really go wrong with AMH fabric!

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