Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Quilts

So I set out on the journey last week, to make two Easter quilts.  I did it last year, so why not this year??  And during the middle of the process, I thought I was totally crazy. Now that both quilts are folded neatly and hiding to be presented to Grace and George Easter morning, I'm so excited.  I almost as excited as they are about getting an Easter basket filled with goodies from the Easter bunny.

I discovered Crazy Mom Quilts a couple weeks ago, and I fell in love with the simplicity of the Flea Market Fancy Quilt.  I used her basic tutorial as well as Cluck Cluck Sew's Stack n' Whack tutorial, and in the end I'd recommend both tuts.  These girls know their stuff!!

For fabric I used mainly Riley Blake for both of these quilts.  George's has all Wheels by My Mind's Eye.

 and Grace's is a combination of Rainy Days and Mondays and Summer Song's by My Mind's Eye.

The back of Grace's quilt uses the same fabrics as the front,

 and George's back is just random fabrics that have been taking up room in my stash and needed a new home.

I was hoping to a cooler design on the back, but in the end I was more concerned with getting these quilts made by Easter, and they are the backs after all and won't be seen much, so I think a big patchwork is just dandy.  Please also note that I miscalculated how big long each patchwork piece needed to be, so I had to add a bit of white sashing to the bottom of the quilts.  Oops!

I did do Free Motion Quilting to quilt these twin size quilts together.  I used a stipple pattern, but if you were to look closely you'd see that it is so not perfect.  I think I like the stipple design because it is the most forgiving.  I look at my quilts from a far, and I think they look exactly how I want them too, but up close I can see where I could have done a better job.  But, I'd advise anyone to stick with the FMQ!!  I think the more you do the easier it gets.  Also, I really like the practical advice from Oh, Fransson! on how to do FMQ.  It's worth a read before you take on your next quilting project.  The best piece of advice (that I forgot when I stippled my quilts this time around) wind SEVERAL bobbins BEFORE you start.  My hot tip for you!  Just might save you from having to swear.

I also took a hot tip from Annee on how to bind the quilt.  It's getting late, and my mind is a bit tired, so I'll share that another day.  Just know that I'm so glad I talked to Annee before I started the painful last step.  It made all the difference!  Thank you, Sew Sister!

I also signed each quilt at the bottom while quilting.  Nothing too fancy, but just enough so Grace and George never forget who loves them.

Now on to making myself an Easter dress.  I have the fabric, I have the pattern, but I'm having mental sewing block.  I did also go to bed after 1 a.m. last night, so maybe that is affecting my comprehension skills at 9 o'clock at night.

I'm also thinking that my little baby boy needs a quilt.  I mean I just made Grace and George quilts, so I'm sure it will feel like nothing to make a baby size quilt.  Do I add that to my list of things to try to make before he's born, or should I wait until after he's here?!  Big decisions to make.

Signing off for now!  Happy sewing friends!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love the pieced backs and your FMQ looks great. I've yet to try it on a quilt...only done it on a small quilted pillowcase. I love how it looks, but nervous to try it. Great job! happy Easter

Annee said...

They turned out amazing. Bravo! I sort of feel like you have earned a small break from the sewing room. Except that I'm so excited to see the new dress!!

cheeriBABY said...

Nice work!! Those quilts are beautiful.

Liz said...

Thanks you my cheering squad!!

Kiera, stick with the FMQ. You should try a quilt, so you gets lots of practice with it!!

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