Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Weekend!

My little George turned three this weekend.  I would be really sad about my baby boy turning 3 if I didn't have another little one on the way.  I just can't believe how quickly time goes.  I mean 3 years just flew by.

In hopes of making all of George's dreams for his birthday come true, I let him help with the planning process.  I did make some suggestions, and for the most part George liked all of my ideas.

Super George

I was going to host a Super Hero Party, but I kept the party REALLY small, so I just called it a Backyard Birthday and ditched having to stick to a theme.  I did however make all those that attended a superhero crown because what kid doesn't like wearing crowns??

I also thought it was important for everyone to have their own birthday party favor bag for some little toys and pinata candy.  These ideas are always so good on the planning side, but during the execution stages I start to question my judgement.  I believe it was Grace who said it best the morning after I made all the birthday crowns.  She told me, "Mama, I think you accidentally made 6 crowns in one night."  In the end, I'm glad I made the simple little bags.

The only disappointing part of the Backyard Birthday is that George refused to wear his birthday shirt.  I mean he cried and cried and cried about having to wear it.  So he didn't.  Today is his actual birthday and he gladly put his birthday shirt today.  I guess he just wanted to wear it on his actual birthday.  My silly little rule follower.

Now that all the birthday excitement is over, I'm off to my next project.  More on that later this week...hopefully!!


Cher said...

You are such a better mom than me. Really, I think my kids would be over the moon if I made them feel that special!!! I love George too! And I love your creations.

Annee said...

I love Grace's quote! I know how these ideas go, in your mind they are always so easy. When you are 3 down and 3 more to go, you start to question your sanity!! Well done Liz. Too funny that George wouldn't wear his shirt on the day BEFORE his real birthday :)

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