Monday, February 6, 2012

Heart Party Garland: A Tutorial

In case you missed my guest post on Toddler Approved last week, here's the tutorial for making Heart Party Garland.  I created this party garland to *heart attack* our friends letting them know you loved them.  You could make some to give away or to adorn a wall, window or mantel for Valentine's Day.  I made one version with my 5 year old using construction paper, and then I made my own version using lots of scraps and muslin fabric.

If you want to make your own, here's how you do it:

For little ones

My daughter made her party garland out of construction paper, glue and twine.

One sheet of construction paper (9"x12") turns into 5 pieces of party garland.  Cut out the pieces and fold them in half lengthwise.  I cut out all the party garland pieces.

Then I put Grace to work cutting out hearts.  A favorite activity of my 5 year old.

Then we placed a long piece of twine in the fold of all the paper party garland pieces and glued the party garland pieces together.

Now for my fabric version:

I used the exact same dimensions with my fabric as Grace did with the construction paper.  I used bleached muslin for the white party garland pieces, and fabric scraps for the colorful party garland pieces.

First I folded all my party garland pieces in half lengthwise.

Instead of colored construction hearts I cut tons of fabric hearts out of scraps.

I used a glue stick to glue the fabric hearts to the folded party garland pieces.

Then sewed a straight line down the center of each heart.  

I repeated this over and over and over.

Then I sewed all the party garland pieces together up above the top of the hearts.  

Now it's ready to be hung.

I'm added my Heart Party Garland to my Felt Heart Party Garland.  I've been wanting to clear out my felt box, so I cut hundreds (probably not hundreds but it felt like it) of hearts and sewed them together.

Thanks to all my fun decor, I'm loving Valentine's Day this year.  Not that I have big plans, but maybe I'll make some.


Annee said...

Seriously love how festive you made your kitchen. I should really make some!

Chrissy @ The Outlaw Mom Blog said...

We heart attacked Hubby last week - inspired by your guest post at Toddler Approved! Thanks for the idea!

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